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About me



My name is Fernando. I have been working as a freelance translator since 2009. I have a Certificate in Translation from University Estácio de Sá (Brazil) and hold a degree in English Language (Translation and Literature) from UFSC (Brazil) and a degree in Pedagogy from FAEL (Brazil). I also have an Administrative Technician Certificate from CEDUP (Brazil). I have vast experience in the translation of documents for several areas of expertise, such as Administration, Human Resources, Training and Recruiting, IT, Automotive Mechanics, Medical Field. In addition to translating documents, I also work with subtitling, dubbing, and software and game localization.






My Goal





Offer quality translations to my clients, always exceeding their expectations.






My Story




Believing,  I have a talent, I decided to take a risk and start working with translation in 2009. After some fallbacks, I invested heavily in specialization courses, training, learning as much as possible exchanging information, and networking. Hence I realized a translator doesn't become a translator overnight. 


After learning that knowledge combined with study and dedication turns into professionalism, I decided it was time to really start working and go after what really makes me happy in life.


That is why, nowadays, I work to decrease the distance between your text and the intended audience, whether it is local or worldwide.


(+55 48) 9 9911 2785


(+55 48) 9 9911 2785